Halia Endwin

female, approx 20 yrs, long red hair, dark blue eyes, 5'6", pale skin, excellent swimmer


Name: Halia Endwin
Age: 20
Gender: F
Handedness: R
Frame: L
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Culture: Civilized
Homeland: Aquona
Career: Alchemist
Social Class: Freewoman

STR: 12
CON: 13
SIZ: 11
DEX: 11
INT: 16
POW: 9
CHA: 10

Action Points: 3
Damage Modifier: 0
Experience Modifier: 0
Healing Rate: 3
Movement Rate: 6m
Magic Points: 9
Strike Rank: 14
Luck Points: 2

Hit Locations (AP/HP)
1-3 Right Leg: (0/5)
4-6 Left Leg: (0/5)
7-9 Abdomen: (2/6, Heavy Cloth)
10-12 Chest: (2/6, Heavy Cloth)
13-15 Right Arm: (0/4)
16-18 Left Arm: (0/4)
19-20 Head: (0/5)

Standard Skills:
Athletics: 23%
Boating: 55%
Brawn: 40%
Conceal: 35%
Customs: 82%
Dance: 21%
Deceit: 28%
Drive: 26%
Endurance: 51%
Evade: 52%
First Aid: 42%
Influence: 20%
Insight: 40%
Locale: 47%
Perception: 40%
Ride: 24%
Sing: 19%
Stealth: 42%
Swim: 58%
Unarmed: 38%
Willpower: 48%

Professional Skills:
Craft (Alchemy): 58%
Commerce: 30%
Lore: Sea: 37%
Lore: Alchemy 29%
Literacy: 32%
Healing: 41%
Folk Magic: 43%
Lore: Alchemical Specialty: 47%
Native Tongue: 66%

Combat Styles:
Deck Hand: 57%

Love: The Sea: 25%
Hate: Cruelty to Animals: 20%
Loyalty: Family: 30%

-Net 1d4 damage, S Size, L Reach, AP2/HP20, Entrapping, ENC 3
-Short Spear, 1d8+1 damage, M Size, L Reach, AP4/HP5, Impale, ENC 2

Folk Magic:

2 sets basic clothes
Fish hooks
Fishing kit
Flint and Tinder
Backpack (20 enc)
Ladder-rope 3m

7cp, 13sp

Community/Family Notes
Mother: Whereabouts Unknown
Father: Adoptive
No siblings
Large extended family on mother’s side


Halia Celestia Endwin is just another strange creature in a world full of oddities. She was born on a moonless night somewhere deep beneath the watery depths- deeper than man has ever gone.

She is not completely fantastical, however, she walk on two legs and eats nature’s bounty just like the rest of us. Her father, unbeknownst to her, was mortal. His visage is unknown, but he was probably most handsome indeed for a water spirit to fall in love with him.

A strange tragedy insued and Halia was lost in the world at a very young age, not looking more than a fortnight old. She washed up on an island shore to be rescued by an average fisherman, whose life had been lonely ever since his wife died, named Eos Endwin. He took finding Halia as a sign of the gods benevolence and rushed her home to the island of Aquona.

Not knowing any different Halia called Eos father. She grew and learned under his tutilidge and was a beautiful young woman before the world knew it.As an adult she has many responsibilities concerning her father and maintaining their livelihood.

In the free time that she has she likes to go and sit by the shore and stare up at the stars and out at the waves. She is thinking about something. Something just outside of her grasp. It’s like the memory tries to surface, but then gets pushed down again. There is something she’s missing, something important.

She has many questions. Her life is one large puzzle. Sorting it out may take just this side of forever, but she is willing to find out the truth- no matter what may come.

She loves everything, beautiful and strange. She loves hearing about fairy tales, going on adventures and seeing where her hard work will take her. She loves adornments and trinkets, but has very few of either. One true treasure is a comb that was in her baby blanket the day she was lost.

As previously mentioned, her hobbies include sitting by the water and looking up at the stars, finding adventure wherever she can, but also recently she has been gathering herbs to make potions.

She doesn’t like anyone being left behind or being left behind herself. If you are pompous and arrogant she will probably ignore you. If you look down upon her because she is a woman or if you are cruel to any of nature’s creatures you will invite her wrath upon yourself.

My name is Halia. My father’s last name is Endwin, so I guess you can call me that, too. I’m from around here, but I’ve been living with Eos: that’s my dad. We live on this island named Aquona. We’re fishing merchants and we sell our wares to anyone who may need them. The pieces of the world that I have seen are few and far between, but I know that there is so much more to be discovered. One day I hope to travel to the farthest reaches of the land; to see what has never been seen before.

The ocean depths seem no less familiar. My thoughts still crash unceasingly like the waves against the shore. My need for knowledge, the reason for who I am only fueled by the hope the Oracle has given me. She asked of me the only connections to my family. I gave them willingly, desperately for a shred of light- a small pathway that leads to my destiny. I have read stories. I know legends. I am a fighter and a deserter. My fear overwhelms me so very often. I am but one small creature in this everlasting sea, but lonely I am not. The water is always around me. I can always feel its presence pulling me onward, telling me I need to keep moving or I will be swallowed up. Move, move…faster than the rushing tides. Something is coming, something dark.
Original image at http://jinxmim.deviantart.com/art/Melusina-314919341. Used with permission.

Halia Endwin

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