Name: Kook
Age: 36
Gender: M
Handedness: L
Frame: L
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 132 lbs.
Culture: Civilized
Homeland: Aquona
Career: Mystic
Social Class: Vagrant

STR: 10
CON: 12
SIZ: 13
DEX: 11
INT: 19
POW: 14
CHA: 12

Action Points: 3
Damage Modifier: 0
Experience Modifier: 0
Healing Rate: 2
Movement Rate: 6m
Magic Points: 14
Strike Rank: 14
Luck Points: 3

Hit Locations (AP/HP)
1-3 Right Leg: (0/5)
4-6 Left Leg: (0/5)
7-9 Abdomen: (0/6)
10-12 Chest: (0/7)
13-15 Right Arm: (0/4)
16-18 Left Arm: (0/4)
19-20 Head: (0/5)

Standard Skills:
Athletics: 22%
Boating: 22%
Brawn: 23%
Conceal: 40%
Customs: 83%
Dance: 23%
Deceit: 31%
Drive: 25%
Endurance: 44%
Evade: 43%
First Aid: 45%
Influence: 44%
Insight: 43%
Locale: 38%
Perception: 98%
Ride: 29%
Sing: 26%
Stealth: 40%
Swim: 22%
Unarmed: 22%
Willpower: 58%

Professional Skills:
Art: Sculpting: 37%
Lore: Arcane: 68%
Lore: Theology: 63%
Literacy: 53%
Folk Magic: 68%
Native Tongue: 71%
Northron: 46%

Combat Styles:
Kook Style (Sling, Hatchet, Knife, Staves): 53%

Love: Magic: 70%%
Hate: Destruction of Magic: 40%%
Loyalty: Aquona 35%

-Quarterstaff, 1d8 damage, M Size, L Reach, AP4/HP8, Stun Effect, 2 ENC

Folk Magic:
Blade Sharp

Ragged Clothes
Bird Tongues
Oil Flask
Satchel of Sawdust
Satchel of Salt
Book from family
Copy of book
Waterproof pouches for books


Community/Family Notes
None at this time.


Yes, yes I am the one you search for. I am the one known as the Kook. I travel the near by lands with what little I have to the villages to make sure that they may continue in life. By what I was given through the years from my family I make sure that crops grow, tools stay sharp and the occasional raider is kept at bay. My deeds are overshadowed by the what the locals call my strange ways. It’s not my fault that they don’t understand that to be one with the world sometimes you have to not shower for a few years. From what I have heard in the near by villages there will be a ship going out to explore for the kingdom and just like my parents before me I will set off to study the magical properties of the world.

I have made copies of my work and left them with my Sisters for their families and I have taken my two original books with me to study what my parents sent at their time at sea. I will catalog everything I find and send back to my sisters what I can to continue on the family tradition, because, every family needs a Kook.


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