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  • Ogres

    The Ogrim or Ogres (Ogier in their own language), of all the Younger Races, are perhaps the most similar to men. They live nearly as long, and are similar in size, save a certain tendency towards extreme height and musculature. Their teeth are somewhat …

  • Felzur

    A [[Ogres | Ogre]] (Ogrim) Warlock, allegedly responsible for slaying [[Joram The Blade]]. This would lead to [[Joram's Death Curse]].

  • Joram's Death Curse

    When mortally wounded by the poisoned blade of [[Felzur]] the [[Ogres | Ogre]] (Ogrim) Warlock, Joram The Blade, it is said that with his dying breath he cursed the Ogre race, inviting upon the disunion and strife. Since that day, the Ogrim have yet to …

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