Character Generation

Race/Culture Bonuses

High Elves: +1 DEX OR +1 APP, Any one Knowledge skill 50%

Sea Elves: +1 DEX OR +1 APP, Navigation 50% OR Swim 95%

Dark Elves: +1 DEX OR +1 POW, Stealth OR Knowledge: Poison 50%

Wood Elves: +1 DEX OR OR +1 APP, any one Missile Weapon 45%

Norvu (Human): +1 any characteristic, one Perception skill 30%

Aerrisan (Human): +1 any characteristic, roll for additional wealth or possessions

Raqq (Human): +1 INT, Bargain 40%

Baodi (Human): +1 CON, Ride 50%

Kalashuu (Human): +1 POW, Knowledge: Religion 50%

Vaornan (Human): +1 APP, one Weapon Skill 35%

Siorci 80% chance of having one Sorcery power (GM-determined, 50%), Knowledge: Arcane 50%

(Note: Humans tend to mix racially quite a bit; in the case your character is of mixed ancestry, you may simply choose a dominant racial strain and add that bonus, or +1 to any one characteristic and +20% to one skill.

Desert Dwarves: +1 CON, Any one Physical skill 35%

Frost Dwarves: +1 CON, Any one Weapon skill 40%

Mountain Dwarves: +1 CON, Craft skill (Weapons, Armor, or Metal) 65%

Sea Dwarves: +1 CON, Pilot: Ship 50%

Gnomes: +1 INT, Any one Manipulation skill 50%

Halflings: +1 DEX, Any one Mental skill 30%

Orcs: +1 SIZ, Any one Physical skill 35%

Recommended Professions

Assassin: Dodge, Hide, Listen, Spot, Stealth, and five of the following: Brawl, Disguise, Grapple, Fine Manipulation, Martial Arts, Melee Weapon (Any), Ride, Throw, Track.

Craftsman: Appraise, any one Art, Bargain, any two Craft skills, Spot, Research, Status, Fine Manipulation, and Repair (Any)

Explorer: Climb, Language (Other), Language (Own), Persuade, Research, Spot,and 4 of the following: Knowledge (History, Region, Group), Pilot: Boat, Talk Fast, Weapon (Any), Navigate, Ride, Swim, Track

Lawman/Guardsman: Brawl,, Didge, Fast Talk, Knowledge (Law), Listen, Spot, and any four of the following: Pilot: Ship, First Aid, Grapple, Indsight, Knowledge (Religion or Group), Language (Other), Martial Arts, Melee Weapon (Any), Missile Weapon (Any), Ride, Status, Track

Merchant: Appraise, Bargain, Fast Talk, Knowledge (Accounting), Knowledge (Business), Persuade, Research, Status, and any other two skills as specialties, according to concept.

Noble: Bargain, Drive, Etiquette, Language (Own), Language (Other), Literacy, Weapon (Any), Status, and two skills as hobbies/fields of interest.

Priest: Fast Talk, Insight, Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Philosophy), Knowledge (Religion), Language (Own), Perform (Ritual), Persuade, and two of the following: Knowledge (Occult), Language (Other), Listen, Literacy, Perform (Oratory), Research, Status, or Teach (see Magic for more priestly abilities).

Sailor: Climb, Craft (Any), Dodge, Grapple, Navigate, Pilot: Boat, Swim, and any 3 of the following: Weapon (Shortsword, Pike, Bow, or Spear), Command, Language (Other), Listen, Repair (Ship), or Spot.

Scholar: Language (Other), Language (Own), Persuade, Research, Teach, and choose five Knowledge or Science skills appropriate to setting and related to your interests.

Shaman: Art (Any), Insight, Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Occult), Language (Own), Listen, Perform (Rituals), Persuade, and and two of the following, as appropriate: Craft (Any), Fast Talk, First Aid, Hide, Knowledge (Anthropology), Medicine, Language (Other), Science (Pharmacy), or Status.

Soldier: Brawl, Climb, Didge, First Aid, and any six of the following: Command, Grapple, Hide, Language (Other), Listen, Jump, Medicine, Melee Weapon (Any), Missile Weapon (Any), Navigate, Repair (Any Related), Ride, Spot, Stealth, or Throw.

Thief: Appraise, Dodge, Fast Talk, Hide, Stealth, and five of the following as appropriate: Bargain, Brawl, Climb, Disguise, Fine Manipulation, Weapon (Any Small), Grapple, Insight, Listen, Jump, Knowledge (Law), Persuade, Repair (Mechanical), or Spot.

Tribesman: Craft (Any), Dodge, Grapple, Hide, Knowledge (Nature), Spot, Throw, Track, and two of the following: Brawl, Climb, First Aid, Listen, Jump, Knowledge (Occult), Melee Weapon (usually Spear, Axe, or Warclub), Missile Weapon (Bow), Language (Other), Ride, Stealth, or Swim.

Warrior: Brawl, Dodge, Grapple, Melee Weapon (Any), Missile Weapon (Any), and five other skills from the following list as specialties: Climb, Command, Hide, Listen, Jump, Language (Other), Martial Arts, Ride, Spot, Stealth, Swim, Throw, or Track.

Wizard: Craft (Any), Insight, Knowledge (Occult), two other Knowledge (Any) skills, Language (Other), Listen, Perform (Rituals), Persuade, and Research.(see Magic for how your arcane abilities are handled).

Character Generation

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