Domains of the Sea Elves

I, Fergrir, sailed to places beyond the dreams of Men. I navigated around the ice floes of the far north, and to the strange seas westward of Riaba. I made landfall upon distant island that never had heard the footsteps of Mankind. I made my way to Peln, where I boasted on my exploits to the Seers. They told me the last journey of such a proud life should be to Endenthen, the port of the Sea Elves. There, I should seek the Mariner’s Hall.

So when I felt the years of my life begin to slip away, I bought, begged, and pleaded my way past the stern fleets of the Sea Elves, to that wondrous port-city of Endenthen. There, after waiting 5 years for entry, I came into the Mariner’s Hall. There, I beheld a map of the places the Sea Elves had journeyed. My journeys were not a tenth of theirs. I had only a moment with the map, before being asked to depart. As I left the temple, the knowledge from that map slowly slid from my mind, leaving only a longing and despair too terrible to know.

Too old and broken to again set sail for distant lands, I instead sailed for home, knowing my ghost would be the only part of me to again see a distant land.

—Excerpt from the Scrolls of Fergrir, notorious comedy regarding the infamous Pirate-King Fergrir

Domains of the Sea Elves

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