Geographical Features

Road of the Triarchs

1 Middle Sea

2 Chasm Seas—described as the seas bordering the edges of the world. There, it always storms ferociously, so that the waters may be replenished as they storm over the precipice into infinity below. Generally differentiated by cardinal directions (i.e, the East Chasm Sea)

3 Kaordas—The world, encompassing both the Middle Isles and any unexplored lands. Kaordas has a single sun and moon.

4 Eshem Mountains

5 Deserts of Alguan

6 Wastes of Indarnas

7 Senzibis Lake

8 Lithetis River

9 Blenn River

10 Ursovaea River

11 Malernaea River

12 Lake Ibymna

13 Floriatana Hills

14 Lyrabica Hills

15 Hills of Hruss

16 Grasses of Thyr

17 Norosur Mountains

18 Plains of Thyrmia

19 Anor Forest

20 Engosaea Forest

21 Woods of Virannus

22 Dwarven Maelstrom

23 Duli Bog

24 Seventos Plains

25 Lunos Mountains

26 The Sea Blades

27 Border Area Now Taken Over (includes isles of )

28 Kalash Jungle

29 Refuge Reef

30 Koit Reef

31 Lone Mountain (new name)

32 Peaks of Twilight (far east, end of Thyrmia)

33 Cairns of Evaldedab

34 Strait of Railus

35 Arcus Strait

36 Nabos Caves

37 Oasis of Al-Ilm

38 Hiburona Highlands(gnomes)

39 Titan’s Fast

40 Hundred Enclaves (Pirate Refuge)

41 Darkport (ruined city; portal to underworld)

42 Thyrmia

Geographical Features

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