The Script of the Worldseed tells how Eoi created humans. The Gods thought to make a race of servants for themselves, but did not anticipate Eoi giving humans free will. If they wished to be worshiped as Eoi was, they must offer mankind something in return for their prayers.

Seven “brothers” were created by Eoi as the first Men; of these, Kalash was the fifth, thus called Fifthborn. Like the others, he was shaped out of mud, clay, and lightning.

Kalash was the most pious of the brothers, respectful of the gods, and for a time an intermediary between Man and God. This earned him the name The Sky Disciple. During the War of Titans and Gods, he exhorted his brothers to join the gods in eradicating the Titans.

Other Accomplishments

Kalash was zealous in his battles during the War of Titans and Gods. It is said he fought without ceasing, ever vigilant against the Titans and their servants.

Kalash lived 703 years among mortals, then rose to the deific realm.


The Kalashuu in particular revere Kalash; he is a sign of obedience, loyalty, and dedication. Priests of Kalash often dress in grey robes, and are called upon to observe rites, ensure ceremonies are followed to the letter, and that religious law is followed in all aspects.

There are no less than 37 volumes of Kalash’s holy writ. The Tricontakai is an immensely detailed series of holy word that seems to regulate everything from the proper construction of a temple to the best way to devour an apple.


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