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A Primer Concerning The Natural World, Political Consequences, and Brief History of Aquona, Kaordas & the Middle Isles

To His Magnificent Majesty Rorem the Deliberate, Scion of The Dusking Lord, King of the Isle of Aquona, Son of the Conquerors of Conquerors, High Prince of the Nation of Joram the Blade;
On the occasion of Your Majesty’s 30th year on the throne, 501 years after the ascension of Joram the Blade and End of the Second Breaking of the World;

I beg to offer you this natural history of the world, which is by right under your guardianship. The weak know of no deliberation in war; they are attacked and spent before the battle can begin. O King of a Thousand Wise Decisions, a true steward such as you knows that the resting boar is the most dangerous and unpredictable once disturbed. Wise is the father who instructs his son in the proper ways, and blessed is Prince Ethred, whom we know you will turn from the folly of youth with wise counsel and paternal fervor.

May your reign be long, and may you find favor in the Unending Doors after this life.

Creation, Early History, And The Gods

The Night Sky

On The Seasons And The Calendar

Considering The Geography Of The Known World

A Brief History of Our World, And The Second Breaking That Followed

Other Peoples Of Kaordas

On Nations

On The Claims Of Legendary Monsters In Other Nations

On Language

On Currency

On The Place Of Our People

Concerning The Recent Unrest In The West And South

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