Sea Elves

The Sea Elves (often referred to as simply Elves) that were brought to this world were not one people, but several conflicting nations. Eventually, the Sea-Elves conquered their wilder brothers, and founded the port of Endenthen. They are a lithe, tall people, fair of skin and hair, who are master mariners and shipwrights. They are as long-lived as the demi-gods of old, with the most ancient among them reaching nearly 400 years of age. The worship their ancestors, in a like manner to that of the nomadic plainsmen of the east. Even in their trading in far-off ports, they are secretive, and belike to have little to do with humankind.

The historian Balanchus of Gurod spoke of Elves living in the jungles of the world’s edge, and said they rode strange flightless birds, and warred with a race of men with no heads.

Others of our race seek shelter in the great white towers. Others rarely stray too far from their tree-cities and forest kingdoms.

The world is our kingdom, its waters our highways. Only we have sailed to where the waters end, and only we have returned. Anywhere the sea stretches, you may find our ships there. Our near-cousins have even built a floating city!

Though we cannot share our mariner’s secrets with you, we will gladly be your guide, your corsair, your admiral, your merchant, or your conqueror, for the right price. We will not war against own people. We prefer exploration and trade, but if the price is right, we will happily war against you and yours…

Art by Poucelette. Used under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Sea Elves

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