King Otha of Skeldenland envied the Isle of Peln, where he believed the Seers of Peln held knowledge that could make him king of all kings. So the Skelds loaded up 100 ships with only the best of the Skeld warriors. They made the long journey to Peln—so skillful were the ship-masters of Skeldenland that only 1 boat was lost.

The Seers of Peln saw of his approach, and sent a vision to proud Otha, saying, “Beware your doom, Otha, for no ship launched in anger may touch the shores of Peln. Journey here, and defy the rule of the gods.”

Otha laughed contemptuously at this, because he had little use for gods. Within days, Otha had his ship within sight of Peln. But as soon as his ship touched the Pelnian shore, the sea itself rose up and devoured King Otha’s fleet. Only two slaves survived, chosen to spread the story to all those who would defy that which the gods decreed.

After this, the Skelds were much diminished for a generation, and caused little trouble until the rise of Orreth One-Thumb.


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