The Night Sky

Kaordas floats silently in the aether between all worlds, but it does not move alone. Eoi crafted other worlds, though none so inhabited as our own. Along with these planets drift countless stars. The most important and powerful of the heavenly bodies are as follows:

The Sun is a blazing ball of fire, but inside the sun lives a world strangely like our own.

Behemoth is the planet nearest Kaordas. It appears near the moon as a massive bright blue-tinged star. The stargazers and astrologers tell us Behemoth governs stability and power.

Enolc is a mythical planet on the other side of the sun. Many philosophers say there is no proof Enolc exists, but it is known widely as the place where all the evils subdued in this world reign free. Some even say it is the domain of one or more of the sinister gods.

Doronis is a bright star useful in navigation. He is said to have been a legendary mariner who sacrificed himself to save the crew of his ship during a terrible storm. Now, as a star, he watches over all mariners, to spare them his fate if he can. Although not a deity, it is not uncommon for sailors to whisper a quick supplication to Doronis when in the midst of storms. The priests of the Drowned Lord oft wish to downplay the importance of Doronis, if Your Majesty recalls the petition they put before you last year to outlaw his worship entirely.

Lial is the planet considered the third-closest to Kaordas. This moderately bright reddish ball is associated with anger, vengeance, and strife, and is much consulted by priests and soothsayers of war and chaos.

Moab is one of the brightest stars in the sky, and burns a yellow with a greenish tinge. This star has spawned a bizarre cult among some of the Orcs, with adherents claiming it holds a future paradise for their people.

The Moon has long been rumored to be home to an empire of 4-armed cannibals. However, being as how the Moon is home to the goddess Blessed Mylia, there is some doubt, Wise King, as to the veracity of these outlandish claims.

Seira, “Dawn’s Beacon”, named also “The Sun’s Maiden”. This morning light is a small bright pinpoint in the early hours of the dawn. It is thought to be the planet 2nd-closest to Kaordas, and is generally associated with good news, renewal, and change.

The Aurochs is one of the best-known constellations in the northern sky; it is used by mariners for navigational purposes.

The Pelican, also known as “The Southerly Bird”, is one of the brightest in the southern skies, and is used extensively for navigation.

The Veonidaes are a massive meteor shower occurring every spring. Legends holds that these meteors are the remnant of a planet that was destroyed for disobeying The Dusking Lord, God of the Stars and Evening Sky. Just what a planet could do to offend a deity is unknown, and perhaps beyond the comprehension of mortal minds and ways.

Xan, the dimmest planet beheld in the sky, is calculated to be the furthest away from Kaordas. It is often known as the “Winter Star”, as folklore says it glows brighter in the winter months. It is most often associated with dispassion, rationality, and coldness.

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The Night Sky

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