-17 Pickpockets, with 8 incurring the penalty of death and 9 being shown leniency and having the offending hand severed;

-45 Drunkards, released to their ships or the streets this morning, removed from the streets as a public nuisance;

-27 Bee-Eater Cultists, held for mass lewd acts interfering with public commerce;

-8 Jackal Cultists, held for conspiracy to murder 27 Bee-Eater Cultists;

-12 Angry Drunkards, held for assaulting the Watch in some manner;

-3 Merchants, arrested for a fight in the streets over the ownership rights to an obscure scroll concerning the alchemical treatment of rubies;

-2 Murderers, being held for proper interrogation in the death of a Watch Guardsman;

-1 Madman, straight from the desert, raving he is the true Prince of Zehid;

-4 common burglars, each caught exiting a different estate in the heart of Zehid. The crippling hammer is being applied to each as we speak.

Here ends the report of the Dusk Watch, your Magnificent Honor. All in all, a quiet night.


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