The first wife of Norvun, created by the Gods for his companionship. She was corrupted by The Void Lord, and became his willing servant. She is still a corrupting influence, an entity trapped between life and death, powerful but not precisely a deity.

So did Norvun’s wife revel in the secret knowledge the Whispers imparted, and she became ensnared by the Void’s corruption. Norvun discovered her evil and weeping, thought to righteously slay here. Yet the reach of The Void Lord was strong, and he gathered her in his embrace, for all the long years to come.

—From Script of the Worldseed

Zoana is said to be beautiful when she wishes, taking many forms (though she seems to have a predilection in the legends for appearing with red hair). Whatever is left of her soul is of the deepest black, and there is no counting the atrocities she has perpetuated or encouraged over the years.

Zoana is not worshiped, but is revered by the servants of The Void Lord, since is his first human servant. She is effectively immortal (a gift for her service), and often appears wherever destruction and ruin may be the best encouraged. The powers granted from the Void are semi-deific in power, and only the most powerful archmages in the world have ever held their own against her.

Zoana hates Meeghan, though their last alleged encounter was perhaps centuries ago.


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