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Middle Isles Intro

The Middle Isles. A place of adventure, opportunity, and peril. In the West, the Hegemony of Aerris threatens the fractured isles of the Middle Sea. The last time the Middle Isles were united were under Joram the Blade centuries ago. Now, Aerris picks them off, one by one. To the South, the Deserts of Alguan supposedly stretch on to the world’s edge. To the North, the Eshem Mountains harbor wild, savage races that know little of civilization. To the East, the alien, abandoned Thyrman Cities rest on haunted shores.

The Middle Isles no know master—countless races and civilizations mix together. As the past recedes, countless ruins lie unexplored. Raiders plague coastal communities, and champions of city-states vie for legendary items to build their own domains. War shadows the land once more, and the cold stars whisper both to the wise and the mad. Doom is coming to some. A Remaking to others. And to still others, a Glorious New Dawn.

This is the world into which you were born. From humble origins, you may be a feared pirate, a noble warrior, a legendary sage. It is the Age of Heroes and Conquerors!

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