A Brief History of Our World, And The Second Breaking That Followed

Aquona was settled by the Demigod Arcas, who was the child of The Dusking Lord. Well and wisely he ruled our nation as our First King, and it is said that Blessed Rhuann herself counseled him. He lived for many ages before returning to the heavens, and his line runs strong in Aquona still, through the line of Joram.

Meanwhile, the God Vaor, who was the whelp of The Red Lord, decided he would abandon his domain of Strength and would rule as a God-King under his followers on earth. As he had many bastards, his people were named the Vaornans.

Even in this time, we are told the crumbling white cities of Thyrmia sat abandoned, their fate or purpose a mystery even to a young world.

Vaor grew tired of his dalliances on his mortal throne, and attempted to return to the heavens, only to find the way barred to him. Vaor cursed the gods, and cruelly tortured any mortal worshiping any God but he in all the lands of the Vaor.

Vaor wished to return and rule as the only God, and so, with his bastard half-God sons, after conquering many mortal lands, created the most massive army the world had seen since the days of the War of Gods and Titans. He marched to the gates to the worlds beyond this one, and began his assault, hoping to destroy all of his brother and sister Gods. However, Eoi had turned his attention back towards the world he had made, and was sorely wroth to see Vaor’s blasphemy. The Second Breaking then came upon the land and sea; the world was changed once again, and many people died in the maddened seasons, famine, and pestilence that followed. Aggrieved at this and his own righteous anger, Eoi swore the power to break the world once more would not be vested with him, but in a Council of the Gods.

How long civilization sought to bring itself out of barbarism and darkness, no one is certain. Yet every Aquonan knows the story of the foul Vaornan Empire that arose from the ashes of the world, and how their wicked king Eruin sought immortality by descending to the underworld, becoming filled with the corrupted spirit of Vaor. I need not tell you, O Blessed Majesty, how your illustrious ancestor, Joram, rose up from this island, and with his own sword-hand stopped the red tide of Vaornan slaughter. The whole world knows, O Favored King, how Joram fought a hundred duels with a hundred Vaornan princes in one day, or how slew Eruin and his bodyguard, the fallen Titan Nolos. All civilized lands owed their freedom to Joram, named The Blade, and well and nobly did he rule, until slain in battle by the treacherous Ogrim of the north. As for his other deeds, they are doubtless well-known to My King, and immortalized in the Pillars of Joram, which adorn his shrine here in Aquona.

More lately, in the West, we know of the Hegemony of Aerris, and how they have subjugated many islands with their legions. The Decenian League was arrayed against their power, but has been shaken, if not fractured outright.

To our south, the Krenag Raiders and the Vaorn Empire pose grievous challenge to peaceful commerce and reason, with The Harlot, Atia, the self-styled Scarlet Empress of the Vaorns seeking to again crush those who would defy their foul rites.

A Brief History of Our World, And The Second Breaking That Followed

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