The Script of the Worldseed tells how Eoi created humans. The Gods thought to make a race of servants for themselves, but did not anticipate Eoi giving humans free will. If they wished to be worshiped as Eoi was, they must offer mankind something in return for their prayers.

Seven “brothers” were created by Eoi as the first Men; of these, Aerris was the second, thus called Secondborn. Like the others, he was shaped out of mud, clay, and lightning.

Kalash was the most pious of the brothers, respectful of the gods, and for a time an intermediary between Man and God. During the War of Titans and Gods, Aerris built the Unending Tower]], which served as a powerful fortress and bastion of defense. He was [[The fastest of the brothers in combat and sport alike, giving him the nickname The Western Wind.

Writing and Song

Aerris is credited with bringing writing and song to Mankind. Some also credit him with refining architecture.

Other Accomplishments

The Unending Tower was said to be a near-impregnable tower built in the highest mountain ranges. It had near-infinite rooms, and withstood every siege put against it. Aerris is often credited as its builder or architect. It is said he slew tens of thousands enemies from its lofty heights.

Aerris lived 502 years among mortals, then rose to the deific realm.


Aerris is part of the state religion in the Hegemony of Aerris. In recent years, with more non-Aerrisan territories under Hegemony rule, worship of other deities has become much less taboo and more widespread. The Temple of Aerris, a veritable homage to the civilization and culture of the Aerrisan people, is a key landmark in the First City of Zhuv.


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