Bonus Opportunities

In RuneQuest 6, players increase their characters’ abilities by gaining Experience Rolls. Experience Rolls can be used to increase Characteristics (except SIZ), Increase Skills, increase Passions, or learn new Skills.

Normally, Experience Rolls are given out in the normal progression of the game for character accomplishment and development, good roleplaying, and participation. Experience Rolls are very good things, and you want as many of them as you can earn.

However, there are several other ways to earn Experience Rolls!

>Bring in a portrait of your character. This must be a printed off image that represents your character. It must have some manner of relevancy to the character, as well as some actual artistic merit—no stick figures or lolcats, please. This image should be available on demand so the other players can see how you envision your character. Deadline: Third Session!

>Bring in a miniature of your character. The miniature can be paper, pewter, plastic—it doesn’t matter, so long as it is of a reasonable scale AND generally representative of your character (no using a Skeleton mini or Batman HeroClix to represent your fighting troubador, for example). If it isn’t painted, come talk to me and we’ll see about making that happen. Deadline: Third session!

>Donation to the prize box: The prize box is chock full of dice, where the MVP (voted on by the players) of each session gets to pick out a dice as a reward for being awesome. If you have unusual or aesthetically pleasing dice you no longer want, consider donating them to the prize box. Must contribute more than 1 dice to gain this. Deadline: Whenever

>Additionally, any player who reads a book they have not already read from Appendix N can also claim a single bonus Experience Roll (limit one total per player by this manner). Deadline: Whenever

There may be other ways to gain bonus Experience Rolls by group enhancement and participation, so stay tuned!

Bonus Opportunities

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