Character Creation

Copied and modified for our campaign from the RuneQuest 6 RPG—for summary and personal use only!

1) Character Concept
-Decide on the kind of character to play. Keep it simple for now. More will come.

2) Characteristics
-If playing a human, 3d6 for STR, CON, DEX, POW and CHA. 2d6+6 for INT and SIZ. Allocate results to fit the concept (STR, CON, DEX, POW, and CHA are one group, INT and SIZ are another).

3) Calculate Attributes
-Use the characteristics to determine Action Points, Damage Modifier, Experience Modifier, Healing Rate, Hit Points, Luck Points, Movement and Strike Rank as described in pages 12 to 15.

4) Standard Skills
-Calculate Standard Skills by adding together the appropriate characteristics.

5) Culture
-Decide on a Cultural Background: Barbarian, Civlised, Nomadic or Primitive. Allocate 100 points
amongst the listed Standard Skills, the chosen Professional Skills and the Combat Style for the chosen culture. Skills must have a minimum of 5% and cannot receive more than 15%. Customs and
Native Tongue gain +40% each.
-Decide on Cultural Passions: Loyalty, Love and Hate.
-Calculate your character’s Starting Money.

6) Background
-Roll or choose a Background Event from pages 27 to 30.
-Roll for Social Class (or choose according to the campaign), for Parents, Family Standing, Connections.

7) Career
-Choose a Career from those available to your character’s culture.
-Distribute 100 points amongst the career’s listed Standard Skills and whatever Professional Skills were chosen, Not all of the available skills need to be improved, but no individual skill can receive more than 15%.
-Identify if the career uses magic and consult the appropriate Magic chapter for information on spells and so forth.
-Consider Cult or Brotherhood membership as described in the Cults and Brotherhoods chapter starting on page 279.

8) Bonus Skill Points
-Depends on age, but default characters have 150 points, with a limit of assigning no more than 15 points per skill. Choose one additional Professional skill as a hobby specialty.

9) Equipment
-Determine Starting Equipment based on Social Class.
-Buy any additional equipment needed using the Starting Money determined as part of culture and
social class. Refer to the Economics and Equipment chapter starting on page 81.

10) Finally…
-Don’t forget to give your character a name. Look to establish Connections with other characters.

Character Creation

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