Middle Isles Combat Styles

RuneQuest 6 employs Combat Styles, which indicate a core group of weapons a character may have proficiency in. These may be based on profession or life circumstances.

The following Combat Styles are available to players to choose for their characters. As a note, combat styles should make sense within the confines of the character concept—for example, a shepherd boy probably won’t have a vast array of foreign combat styles. Each style below notes the weapons associated with it, and well as any Combat Style Trait that it offers (see pg. 135 of RuneQuest 6 for more):

Archer (Bow, Knife, Sling) (Skirmishing)
An asset to any army, the archer attacks from a distance, and generally ensures his lightly-armored posterior remains away from the front lines.

Basic Villager/Pastoral Defense (Club, Hatchet, Knife, Sling) (None)
This represents the basic level of knowledge a shepherd or villager may have. It may be useful for fighting off wild animals, but doesn’t represent much experience with fighting off brigands and the like.

Beastmaster (Any non-metallic/bladed weapon, Staves) (Trained Beast)
A strange druidic cult from time immemorial focuses largely on fighting in tandem with an animal companion, and using no metallic weapon, but only a simple stave in combat.

Brawler/Bar Fighting (Club, Improvised weapon, Knife, Unarmed) (Unarmed Prowess)
There are those who seek out trouble, whether in battle or during what should be a period of respite. This represents the down-and-dirty learned skills of those who are used to the tough-and-tumble nightlife.

City-State Levy (Hatchet, Javelin, Knife, Shield, Spear) (Skirmisher)
Trained in basic combat and not much else, the city-state levies augment the wealthier Phalanx troops. They are often used to screen formations and as clean-up or dire-resort troops.

Corsair (Bow, Club, Knife, Shield, 1-Handed Sword) (Swashbuckling)
The most legendary corsairs and pirates have fearsome reputations, and the combat skills to back it up. They are masters of action and evasion, swinging into action and scattering their enemies.

Deck Hand (Club, Greathammer, Hatchet, Net, Spear) (Excellent Footwork)
This is a general description of the combat style a deck hand or sailor may employ—either from being boarded or boarding another ship.

Desert (Bow, Darts, Knife, Net, Swords, Shields) (Hidden Weapons)
The southern nations often prefer a more subtle, deceptive style of combat.

Dwarven Style (Axes, Greathammer, Mace, Shield) (Siege Warfare)
Dwarves learn from their own combat masters, who learned from theirs, down past the earliest mists of time. They are remarkable warriors when facing fortifications or in narrow confines.

Fair Lord Disciple (Blowgun, Dart, Garrote, Knife, Shortsword) (Assassination)
Those who follow the Fair Lord have their own sense of honor, but it does not stop them from fulfilling their mortal obligations. The well-placed knife or the poisoned dart are preferred, but a sword may function just as well.

Gladiator (Axes, Javelin, Net, Shield, Swords, 2-Handed Weapons) (Mancatcher)
The sands of the arena were the training (and killing) grounds for these warriors, who know how to put on a good show, or land the final blow when needed.

Halfling Adventurer (Buckler, Darts, Knife, Shortsword, Sling) (Thrown Weapons)
Halflings are small, but if drawn into combat, they show an uncanny and deadly accuracy.
Island Conscript (Club, Hatchet, Shield, Sling, Spear) (Skirmisher)
Many of the Middle Isles’ smaller settlements rely on seasonal soldiers and conscripts for raiding parties and larger combats. The conscripts are generally lightly armored, and used to more mobile, hit-and-run, open tactics.

Island Raider (Axe, Bow, Club, Hatchet, Knife, Shield, Spear) (Skirmisher)
Representational of the more experienced raiders common in the smaller settlements of the Middle Isles.

Noble’s Training (Bow, Knife, Javelin, Shield, Spear, 1-Handed Swords) (Chariot Fighting)
This represents the training a civilized noble may receive from one of the more populous city-states.

Nomad (Bow, Halberd, Lance, Shield, Spear, 1-Handed Swords) (Mounted Combat)
The nomads of the East are peerless warriors, and it said they cannot be beaten so long as they remain astride their steeds.

Northlander (Axes, Bow, Clubs, Greatsword, Longsword, Shields) (Intimidating Scream)
The Northmen of the Middle Isles may be seen as barbarians by some city-states, but they are truly terrifying opponents in battle. They will often use either an axe and shield, or some larger two-handed sword by itself.

Oathsworn Penitent (Staves, Clubs, Shields) (Unarmed Prowess)
If offending the gods, one of the ways to find redemption—be one a fisherman, warrior, or king—is to become an Oathsworn Penitent. The Oathsworn must do all they can to carry out the great mission of their deity, but has the task of doing so without drawing blood. With this in mind, Oathsworn only used blunted or non-edged weapons—and only in service of some greater need. If successful in their mission of redemption, the greatest Oathsworn are often venerated or greatly respected after their eventual demise.

Orcish Band (Axes, Greatclub, Greathammer, Knife) (Excellent Footwork)
The Orcs have their own combat style—one that values brute force and raw battering power to knock down foes. It often appears as an undisciplined whirl to the uneducated, but it is actually the product of generations of combat experience.

Soldier: Aerrisan Legionnaire (Dart, Javelin, Shield, Shortsword) (Shield Wall)
The Aerrisan soldier is splendidly equipped for battle, using fine, disciplined shield work and short, thrusting sword work to deal with their foes.

Soldier: Mercenary Band (Axe, Javelin, Knife, Shield, Sword) (Blind Fighting)
A broad portrayal of the sellswords of the land, capable (and used to) to battling in gritty, unfavorable circumstances to stay alive.

Soldier: Phalanx (Longspear, Polearms, Shortsword) (Formation Fighting)
Many city states form their hoplites into phalanxes, a strong formation using ranks of spearmen to smash the opposing side. This soldier is best when fighting side-by-side his or her fellow troops.


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