Creation, Early History, And The Gods

Know, then O Favored Prince, that when the world was yet unformed, the Great God Eoi made the waters out of darkness. He caused the land to rise up and be fertile, and populated every reach and shore with a bounty of lesser life. The world was named Kaordas, the name we use to this day. It is connected to both the various domains of the Gods, the Underworld, the Abyss, and countless worlds beyond by the Unending Doors.

Titans, Gods, and Men were raised to be a part of the world. Gods each claimed a domain, and each zealously watched over its aspects. Titans were much like gods, but were free to roam the world in their own shape, Men were made as a third race, brought in to be the followers of Titans and Gods, but also the source of their power through their reverence and worship. In this way did Eoi protect Men, the weakest of the peoples created.

Though the Titans had freedom, they did not have quite the power of the Gods, and their hearts grew covetous of the way The Drowned Lord could control the waves, or Blessed Mylia could inflame the passions of beasts or Men. It came to be that this turned into the War of Gods and Titans, and Eoi was saddened, and withdrew himself from his creation.

Many of the Men had found the Gods after some aspect of their desires, and so fully two-thirds sided with the Gods. The Titans brought many peoples into this world, hoping to draw them to their worship. The Sea-Elves and Dwarves were first called. The Gods attempted to create more followers, but instead only created Orcs, Goblins, Ogrim, and Trolls, younger races, primitive and savage in their breast, resistant to the first brave strides of civilization.

The Titans were overthrown in a battle lasting a year and a day; on the last day, the Titans and their last stronghold were overwhelmed; its gleaming marble walls blackened with smoke, and their ruin plain upon the land and sea alike. Such was the force of this last battle that the sky turned dark for a year, and the few lands of the world broke into thousands of isles, and the armies were scattered in victory and defeat alike. Nearly all the Titans were slain; a few crept away to sleep the ages until their divine wounds healed, and some were cast out to roam the world, lessened beings, transformed and twisted as a punishment.

And the Gods quarreled for the hearts of Men and the other races, but the races each withdrew to the type of place they favored, and each worshiped in their own way. So was the worship of the Gods divided as the races of dispersed of their own volition.

There were many Gods in the dawning of time, but many were slain or injured nearly unto their death, so that now, we have only these Gods:

Blessed Calestus: Overseer of Zeal, Justice, and Vengeance.
The Sun Lord: Master of Light, Sun, Resolution, and Law.
The Laughing Lord: Mirthful God of Humor and Chaos.
The Green Lady: Great Mistress of the Forests and the Hunt.
Blessed Rhuann: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Alchemy.
Blessed Trithon: Mighty Lord of Liberty and Freedom.
Blessed Mylia: Serene Goddess of Love, Passion, Fertility, and the Moon.
The Watchful Crone: Venerated Goddess of Women, Home, and Harvest.
The Dusking Lord: Overlord of the Stars and Evening Sky.
The Fair Lord: King of the Underworld and (Natural) Death.
Blessed Telia: Matron of Life, Nature and the Seasons.
The Wandering Lord: Great Watcher of Travel and Commerce.
The Drowned Lord: God of Seas, Ships, and the Four Winds.
The Veiled Lady: The Unfathomable Maiden of Fate and Luck.
The Runegiver: Great and Remote Lord of Magic and the Arcane Mysteries.
The Song Maiden: Mistress of Music and The Arts.
The Red Lord: Iron God of Tyranny and War.
The Mailed Lord: Unrelenting Master of Oppression and Order.
The Skull Lord: Terrible King of Slaughter and Devastation.
The Gaunt Lord: Overlord of Disease and Plague.
The Fanged Lord: Devouring God of Untimely Death and Undead.
The Shrieking Maiden: Goddess of Madness and Chaos.
The Hidden Lord: Master of Deception and Thievery.

In addition to these deities are such minor gods and godlings as Vaor, fallen and debased deity of the Vaorns; Norvun, the demi-god, First King of the Norvu; Siorcus the Prophet, Judge of the Siorci, who gives men visions and glimpses of the future; and Kalash, worshiped by Kalihh as a man raised to godhood by the temple-cities of the south, and who appears as an elephant or man as is his wont. We also know that Arcas, First King of Aquona, was borne back to the other gods to enjoy eternity when his reign on Kaordas was complete.

The sages at the Library of Rynn oft contend that gods may not die, but only sleep for eons. Many cults, such as the ones that plagued the reign of Your Majesty’s father, are dedicated to this idea, and seek power through the return of some inconsequential lost God or Goddess. Let us not forget the Slaughter of Snakes, wherein the isle of Unturush even in the time of your father saw its shores run crimson when the maddened followers of the Sleeping Serpent, Traliss, rose up and butchered that population.

Some foul savages worship the sleeping Titans, diseasing our world with even more cults, and occasionally it has been said their prayers will awaken one to again enjoin all Kaordas in chaos, but these accountings are lost in the shroud of history. However, though their names should be spoken only in the greatest necessity with no malevolence in the heart, we know of a few who, it is claimed, still slumber:

Bregg, a being of bloodlust and war, whose heart was pierced by the prow of the The Drowned Lord’s ship. His place of slumber is unknown, but the loathsome Giants of our isles revere his name.

Belia, wife to Bregg, a being of creation and death, corrupted to a horrific, monstrous form to guard an entrance to the underworld.

Promus, who was beloved of his followers, and who gave the gift of fire to a thousand worlds. He would not fight against men, but neither would he battle his fellow Titans. He was thereby damned to a life of immortality with no divine power.

Lofeth, who would have styled himself a God, made into a monstrous mockery as the Frog God. He sleeps only lightly, in all the drear marshes of the world.

Traliss, formerly mentioned, onetime Queen of the Titans, changed into the Sleeping Serpent who wakes to cause tidal waves and earthquakes. Her cult had lately grown strong in many places, but is outlawed by the sane.

Cthonus, who awaits to arise and devour all things. He was the greatest of Titans, and fully twoscore gods died to place him in his prison in a dark city beyond the cataracts at the world’s end.

Creation, Early History, And The Gods

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