The second wife of Norvun (the First Man), called the Mother of Man. She is considered a benevolent Immortal, with some minor deific powers. She appears in many tales, offering guidance to would-be heroes and common folk alike in times of great significance and import.

Meeghan often appears as a raven-haired young woman, or disguised as a small gray cat.

In mythology and history, Meeghan is portrayed as a loving, dutiful wife. Norvun did not heed her council to refuse battle against Vaor, and as a consequence, he was slain. As a reward for her love for mankind, her loyalty, and her wisdom, she was granted immortality by Eoi, which she was to use to guide mankind as she saw fit over the long years. It is said her immortality is such that she occasionally must sleep for decades or even centuries, and that she awakens when events of great import are afoot.

Meeghan is revered by a few shrines, and charms bearing her likeness are often sold to women hoping to bear children. She is not generally worshiped as a full goddess, and as such has no formal priesthood, though a few cults professing their fealty to her have been known to pop up.


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