Middle Isles Basics

Remember these seven basic themes and expectations regarding your time in the Middle Isles:

1) Humans are the predominant species by their numbers. Other races exist, but none so numerous or influential as humanity.

2) The known world is made up mainly of islands, many settled, just as many unsettled or unexplored. Technology is at least generally in line with our Iron Age in many cases, but naval technology is slightly more advanced than the same period in our own earth’s history.

3) Gods—or something very much like them exists, and are able to exercise influence on the world through their followers. There are countless cults, temples, and religions to be found in there world. Some are compatible with one another, others decidedly less so.

4) Magic is real.

5) Battles very rarely include tens of thousands of warriors. Many city-states and entities are small, and large battles may number a few thousand warriors, total. As such, individuals or small bands can make much a huge difference in battle.

6) The world is still young. The creatures of myth may still be found, and the reverberations from the battles at the dawn of time still influence the world greatly. The world may be transitioning to a new age, but that time has not come yet.

7) The world is flat and finite. Though men have not reached the ends of the earth and returned, it is nonetheless know that sailing too far in any direction with end with plunging down the cataracts that mark the edge of the world. Beyond that, there is only the aether, the domains of the gods, or whatever other worlds await.

Middle Isles Basics

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