Plot Points

Plot points may be used for a variety of player mechanics in the Middle Isles. These vary slightly from those presented in the Cortex RPG System book, as shown below:

Plot Points are rewarded by the GM for roleplaying Complications, good participation in the game, memorable moments or lines, adding depth to the campaign, and accomplishing personal and group goals.

Many times, Plot Points will be the only thing standing between your character’s dismal failure and astounding success. They can be used before dice rolls to add an extra dice, to draw from the Random Pile, and to increase dice rolls after a roll. (The narrative control aspects of Plot Points as presented in the main book, are not currently used in the Middle Isles).

You’ll find Plot Points spend quick, so make sure you’re active, roleplaying, and being a good participant! You can never have more than 12 Plot Points at one time.

Plot Points may be donated towards other characters at a 2:1 exchange rate (i.e., giving two of your Plot Points to another player gives him a single Plot Point).

Plot Point Uses

-Improving Actions
As noted under “Improving Actions” on Page 88 of the Cortex RPG System Book. The Plot Point expenditure chart is copied below for convenience:

Plot Points

-Random Draw
A draw from the random pile costs 3 Plot Points. The Random Draw Pile has a much larger potential payoff, but also may leave you high and dry if you draw poorly.

30 cards are in the Random Draw Pile. You draw a card with a dice type on it, and roll and add that dice type to your current action roll.

The breakdown of cards in the deck as is follows: No Bonus, +1 (Add to your roll), d2, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d30. There are three of each card type in the deck, making your chances equal of pulling any card type.

-Adding To A Roll After The Fact
As noted under “Saving Your Bacon” on Page 88 of the Cortex RPG System Book.

Plot Points

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