The Script of the Worldseed tells how Eoi created humans. The Gods thought to make a race of servants for themselves, but did not anticipate Eoi giving humans free will. If they wished to be worshiped as Eoi was, they must offer mankind something in return for their prayers.

Seven “brothers” were created by Eoi as the first Men; of these, Raqqi was the third, thus called Thirdborn. Like the others, he was shaped out of mud, clay, and lightning.

Raqqi was also known as the Southern Sun, for his glorious palaces in the warmer parts of the world. He was known for loving beautiful objects, and scheming to obtain them however possible. According to myth, he taught parrots to talk as a bet so that he could win a golden chalice his brother Siorcus possessed.

Other Accomplishments

Raqqi is often presented in legend as the calm, rational brother when battle came upon them. There are passing mentions of his being a superb archer as well.

It is said that at the age of 497, Raqqi ascended the mortal realm into godhood.


Raqqi perhaps has the least following of any of the Seven Brothers. He is seen as a legend and folk hero in places such as Zehid and Kiral (where a truly impressive gigantic statue of him overlooks the harbor), but aside from a few shrines and perhaps the odd desert cult, his worship has largely disappeared with time.


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