Siorcus is the name given to the island to the south of the mainland of the Hegemony of Aerris. Formerly a province all its own, it has been occupied by Aerris for generations now. It is named after the patron god of the island, Siorcus, who shares the island’s name. However, in recent years, it is more commonly named Aleurn, after its primary settlement.

Siorcus (of the First Men
The Script of the Worldseed tells how Eoi created humans. The Gods thought to make a race of servants for themselves, but did not anticipate Eoi giving humans free will. If they wished to be worshiped as Eoi was, they must offer mankind something in return for their prayers.

Seven “brothers” were created by Eoi as the first Men; of these, Siorcus was the seventh and last, thus called Lastborn. Like the others, he was shaped out of mud, clay, and lightning. Siorcus gave the gift of Sorcery to mankind, leading to his title of The Prophet.

Other Accomplishments

Siorcus ascended into godhood, traditionally in his 600th year, but no written record of such has been found.

He was quiet during the War of Titans and Gods, with little of the military records of his brothers, but tradition holds that the the mountains in the center of Riaba were made by him during a massive battle with a brood of black dragons.


Worship of Siorcus is perhaps the most obscured and arcane of any of the Seven Brothers. The priests of Siorcus are sought out by those wishing to gain the favors and powers of their god. The Siorcan Mysteries are a series of rites that vary by spiritual dedication and drive of the individual. The highest rituals are said to grant major, divine powers of sorcery, but have never been witnessed by those outside the highest levels of the faith.

Priests and priestesses of Sirocus are rare. They wear a dizzying array of symbols and sport blueish tattoos upon their person.


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