The Void Lord

The Void Lord is not considered a proper deity by either the pantheons of the Middle Isles or most denizens of those lands. Yet he does possess deific power, and represents one of the most dire threats known to the world. Simply put, he (or it) is the Void, the Nothingness, the Absence of Life. Were The Void Lord to have his way, all life on the Middle Isles would be snuffed out.

It is unknown how The Void Lord came to the Middle Isles; he seems to claim no one race as his children. Yet the Script of the Worldseed describes how he was cast from the deific realms by Eoi himself (or one of his highest servants, depending on the translation). The Void Lord was subsequently imprisoned in a pocket dimension a mere single degree from this one, allowing him to project some power to his worshippers and occasionally “warp” events and probabilities in the Middle Isles. He uses this ability to lure followers to him, by promising to change their lives if they will serve him. The visions he sends to his priests are usually ones centering around the mass destruction of life (sentient or not), and in finding a way to free him from his prison.

If The Void Lord were ever to be released, most priests believe it would mean the end of this world. Some cults believe that The Void Lord must be released, to purge the world of evil (along with everything else), allowing it to be reborn.

Almost all the deities of the known world hate The Void Lord, and discovery of an enclave of Void worshipers is enough to bring dissimilar or clashing deific followers together to eradicate the threat.

The Void Lord’s symbol is generally an obsidian knife or obsidian amulet with a simple hole drilled in the middle. His priests are scattered and often in hiding, therefore robes and vestments are nowhere near uniform in nature.

The Void Lord

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