Dates and exact years are somewhat hazy in the Middle Isles, but here is a sampling of important events:

~6,000-5,500 years ago: Creation of Kaordas and the known universe. Gods, Titans, and Mankind all
walk the earth.

~4,500 years ago: War of Gods and Titans. The Titans are killed or punished. This is known as the First Breaking of the World.

~3,000 years ago: The now-abandoned Thyrman cities seem to date from this point. Little is known about their mysterious builders, but they appear to have been a mighty civilization.

~1,200 years ago: Arcas ascends the throne of Aquona. Not long after, the fallen god Vaor comes to rule what comes to be known as the Vaornan Empire.

~1,100 years ago: Vaor descends from the heavens to rule as God-King over the Vaorn Empire.

~1,000 years ago: Vaor attempts to return to the heavens, only to find the way blocked. He initiates the Great War of Vaor, and summons a mighty army to march against the gods themselves. Enraged, Eoi destroys the army in what is known as the Second Breaking of the World. The world is thrown into chaos and darkness for over centuries. Vaor’s spirit flees the world in defeat, his physical body destroyed.

~750 years ago: The king of the resurgent Vaornan Empire, Eruin, discovers a passage to the underworld. There, he is possessed by the waiting spirit of Vaor. He again builds a mighty army, but is slain by the legendary Joram the Blade, King of Aquona, after a 12-year war. Joram is slain shortly thereafter by Ogrim in the North while on a military expedition.

~650 years ago: The mighty scholar-general Ipasetus brings the isle of Kiartha under his control. His insignia of the Marlin will represent the rulers of this nation for years to come.

~500 years ago: The mighty warrior Schulo, said to be of divine paternity, slays the terrible Azure Wyrm, the monstrous son of the Titan Brelia, after he attempted to devour the isle of Sevoloch.

~450 years ago: On Kiartha, the Golden Phalanxes of King Rurin the Behemoth-Slayer utterly eradicate the invading armies of the Pretender King of Aerris. Rurin’s subsequent campaign on Aerrisan soil will be an inspiration for generals for years to come.

~300 years ago: The Cult of Bregg seeks to seize Rynn, only to be tricked and defeated by Faltus, the peerless Sage-Prince of that isle.

~220 years ago: The Hegemon is first named in Aerris, and begins his slow consolidation of the then-fractious lands.

~200 years ago: The Great City of Dero is destroyed by the Hegemon, and it is said the ruins are pulled down far in the deep, so extreme and violent was the displeasure of the Deeping Lord.

150 years ago: Aquona and her allies fight off Tinves, recovering from a terrible naval disaster to force a surprisingly lasting (if delicate) peace between the two nations.

90 years ago: The Dwarven capitol of Anren is destroyed by the greatest storm the world had seen in ages. The Eye of Thunder is posited by many scholars of the time as being attributable to some great sin against the gods, though precisely what sort of sacrilege could inspire such wholesale destruction remains unnamed.

67 years ago: Aleurn, citadel of the Siorci people, is conquered by the Hegemony of Aerris.

15 years ago: The Krenag Raiders interrupt one of the heaviest raiding seasons in memory.

12 years ago: The Decenian League allies against the Hegemony of Aerris. Despite multiple initial successes, they are slowly driven back after several brutal defeats.

10 years ago: Atia, the Scarlet Empress of the Vaorns, ascends her throne.

8 years ago: The Great Plague hits many islands, including Aquona, taking many great warriors,
daughters, and sons in turn.

Dates are inexact things the further back you go in the history of Kaordas, so you will note many of the items here are approximated.


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