The Script of the Worldseed tells how Eoi created humans. The Gods thought to make a race of servants for themselves, but did not anticipate Eoi giving humans free will. If they wished to be worshiped as Eoi was, they must offer mankind something in return for their prayers.

Seven “brothers” were created by Eoi as the first Men; of these, Vaor was the sixth, thus called The Usurping Fist. Like the others, he was shaped out of mud, clay, and lightning. It is said he was the first of the brothers to seize property from among them, stealing a flock of silver-fleeced sheep from his brother Baodaus.

Return To The Middle Isles

After becoming a god, Vaor defied the laws of the gods and returned to earth to walk in mortal guise. He ruled as God-King to the Vaornan Empire. His action led to the Second Breaking, after which he returned to the deific realms in spirit form, his mortal body forever destroyed and ruins.

Death of Norvun

Vaor struck down his brother Norvun in an argument. Norvun’s priests contend that Vaor was always jealous of his older brother, whereas Vaor’s priests contend the exact opposite to be true.

Other Accomplishments

Vaor did not originally die, but ascended into godhood in his 500th year.

Vaor was an incredibly fierce warrior during the War of Titans and Gods. With his longspear Drcha it is said he wounded Gruun, the Titan Lord of Time, who now sleeps below the earth, still not recovered from that grievous wound.


Vaor is worshipped extensively in the Vaornan Empire; his temple is marked as the state religion. Outside of the Vaornan Empire, however, he is lightly venerated, if at all.

Vaor’s priests preach the supremacy and divine blood inherent in each of Vaornan. Their holy text is called the Codex of the God-King, and purports to tell the true story of history from Vaor’s point of view. The Codex resides in an impregnable vault in the city of Untalor.

Priests of Vaor often wear red or white robes, and are of a high social standing within the Vaornan Empire.


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